This company has repeatedly contacted me to try to sell me their debt consolidation package even though I am in good standing with my credit card payments. They also allege that I have credit cards that I do not have.

Their pitch that they "are calling on behalf of your credit card companies. . ." is completely fraudulent--none of these companies asked Premier Savings nor was Premier Savings authorized to contact me,nor were they authorized to obtain my contact info. I will be contacting the BBB regarding this company.

This company has contacted me at least 10 times during the past two months and although I have requested that they remove my information from their database, they have not done so. There also appears to be no way to contact them directly, which is also an indication that they are not a legitimate business.

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Elk Falls, Kansas, United States #250593

They called me today at work and today's rate is $499 to get an interest rate of 7%. I didn't give the the security code on the card.


These morons just called me from a blocked number. The girl on the other end told me that she was with "Premier Credit Card" and could reduce my rates. I don't HAVE a Premier credit card.

When I asked her what credit card company she was with she then became "Premier Savings" and not a credit card company at all. To which I told her to go get bent I was not interested.

I immediately got online and found not just this page but many others that were complaint pages about this scam. They have an F rating with the BBB and so many people have been fleeced by these *** artists it's not even funny.

It's about time for the authorities to take over and stop these idiots before they continue to do damage to hard working people.


I have been plagued by these criminals for months now. It all started when they kept calling me over an over again from a "Restricted" number and I refused to answer, as that is my usual policy when receiving restricted calls.

So, one morning they called me at 8:00 AM! I was sleeping off a hangover and was none to pleased to be awoken, so when I picked up the phone and answered, I proceeded to unleash a flurry of obscenities to the silent recipient. Big mistake. It felt good at the time, but little did I know this would make me an even bigger target for them!

Shortly after my rant, I started getting calls from them 4 to 5 times a day! Everyday! And when I answered, they would simply hang up on me without a word! How infuriating!

This has been going on for a few months now until finally tonight I answered and they said they were "Premiere Savings" blah blah blah and I responded, "I am not interested, no thank you. Could you please take me off of your calling list?" And what was their response? The guy on the other end said in response to my plea: "Probably." Following that came an abrupt hang up.

Do not do business with these thugs. I hope they get what they deserve for praying on society in such trying times!


You can tell them you don't desire their services, but they continue. You send them the $439.00 and follow their instructions.

You get turned down by others P.S. tells you to use. Interest rates rise on some cards and limits lowered. I haven't been late and not overlimits.

Was no hardship. The price of an education.

The money spent doesn't show the moneies lost by interest on the $439.00. Run from Premier Savings quickly!!

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