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Hi, I saw the complaints on this website and had to say something as well, specifically about the "Premier Savings" company. This company called me on the phone talking about reducing my interest rate on my credit cards to 7% interest or lower "garanteed".

I've had experiences and my mother was scammed also in this way, she was promised services just like these and she paid upfront aswell and never got the service or her money back, so I was aware about this being the same thing. They said these services were already garanteed and decided upfront, that you didn't have to worry about them not working. I kind of saw something wrong with them asking for such a high fee (467.00) and also they said that if things went wrong they would reimburse my fee but they would keep 20%, fishy I thought, specially for something that is "garanteed" to work. The first representative speaks to you without recording so you can ask everything without compromise to them, then they switch you to someone who will make the deal and record the conversation, but that person usually wants you to hurry into saying "yes" so that you don't ask too many questions while being recorded so you won't compromise their little scheme I'm guessing.

Anyways, after I said yes I checked the internet and found this site, thanks to you guys I called the credit card I used and was able to change my number and reverse the charge in time. The representative I spoke to told me that it was a scam, and that this wasn't the first time they've dealt with them. Also they told me that they had no such dealings with this company and they're "garanteed" 7% or lower ratings.

So I guess it's clear to me it's a scam. I don't know what else to say, hope that it helps you as much as it did me.

Monetary Loss: $467.

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I used to work for Real Solutions Center (In Arizona). If it was a scam, the bosses didn't tell us lead generators.

It all seemed legit in the office, but I remember a sister company that was a little sketchier. Overall, I can't really say if they did what they promised or not, but I believe that they did.


I just had a call from this company Premier Savings and it sounded all too good to be true when I was told that the credit card companies are happy to work with them and they are the only company that will actually help reduce your credit card interest and improve your credit, even though the gal I spoke with seemed sincere...I was "Googling" the company as we talked and when I mentioned seeing many complaints about Premier Savings she said yes but look at the dates (I had not seen yet this most recent post) and so I said, 2009 about 6 months ago...and she said because sonce about that time they had merged with a company called Real Solutions Center at, and that they legally had to still use the name premier Savings, and that the "old" Premier Savings had had problems, but this program was honorable and would really help me. I said thank you but I do not feel comfortable being solicited over the telephone with this and would need to do a lot more research before I agreed to paying you a fee to negotiate on my behalf to lower my interest rate.

I would be intersted to hear if anyone knows about Real Soultions Center. I have not found any complaints yet on that company, or anything to back up that they merged with Premier Savings either, and whether the merger would improve their business conduct I have no idea!

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