It all sounded good, but while the guy was talking, I was on the internet researching the company. I told him I was concerned I couldn't qualify for a 15,000 credit card - of course he assured me that wasn't a problem.

I asked why the fee couldn't be applied to the new card, His response, "Don't worry about the fee". Don't worry about $400+ dollars?? I told him I wanted to discuss with my husband, and he asked "Why". He stated, "I just want to know are your refusing the program." I said "right now, yes." Before I could even get the words out, he said thank you and hung up!

How awful to prey on people who are already in bad situations.

Definitely a scam!

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I only borrow 300 you said the payments would be in 50 increments which made me think my payments would be 50 instead you took 120 out of my bank account so I should only owe you 270 because I was charged 90 for the 300 and when I pay this 270 which may be in October there will be no more payments from me.


they're trying to help people not scam you, idiots.


This company has been in business for 12 yrs.... check the bbb of AZ.....you are not charged for the credit card you are charged for a financial package that can greatly help your overall financial situation, including getting items OFF of your credit reports that shouldn't be on them, help with mortgages modification of refinance and help any other debt that you may be having trouble with....The first thing that is addressed is the high interest credit card debt.....the only way it doesn't work for prople is if they have bad credit.

If you are unsucessful in getting your balances transfered you are refunded your money. look at the complaints that you see.... very few come from people actually in the program.

this is from a company that helps

25000 people per year..... but, think what you want


I just received a call from Premier Savings. But the person on the phone did not want me to know that.

First of all the caller butchered my name and asked if he could speak to me. Little did he know that I was the person. He asked if he could speak to a him and that set off a red flag that this was a fishy call. I then asked who was calling.

He said, "Michael". I don't know any Michael's. I asked what is this call in regards to. He kept stating that he wanted to speak to Mr.

so-and-so. I was very annoyed by this and said what is this in regards to and he finally confessed that it was Premier Savings. I have never heard of the company. He kept pressing on the issue to speak to me.

I confessed that I was the person he wished to speak to and out right told him that I want to know what this phone call is in regards to. He didn't want to hear what I had to say and wanted to focus on how to say my name. He then asked can I just call you Ms. so-and-so.

He was just planning on getting my name so that he can read off some pre-written script.

I just wanted to vent my frustrations and hope that no one actually falls for these scams. If you don't know them then hang up on them.


I received a call, and started to research while on the phone, and thank you for all the comments or complaints!!!!Saved me.


I just got a call and almost fell for it. They even verified my card balance, while I was on the phone with them, to charge the $435.00.

It does not make sense to have to charge another card for them to get me $35.000.00 credit.

I'm glad this website came up number 3 when I searched for PREMIER SAVINGS. Thanks


Just received a call.. BEWARE..

don't do it!!! When I asked about guarantee for Credit card of $25,000 to consolidate my other the caller immediately transfered my call to "Quality Control" without notice .. This of course alerted me that something is wrong... QC then advised they would ahave an Account Manager call me back and explain the program..

When the Account Manager called.. she began focusing on how much savings I would yield without answering my questions.. I told her I Decline the offer and was not interested... I immediately contacted the credit card company to stop any potential charge and requested a new card.



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