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Premeir savings called me and told me they could try to consolidate my credit cards and possibly get me a line of credit enough to pay my car off with a good intrest rate better than what i was paying, Mind you I only owed around 1,800.00 on my credit cards so I didn't need to consolidate any credit cards. I told them this along with also my credit being bad, they assured me they could find me credit with a better rate.

Not so!! I did just what they told me and no one wanted to give me credit. Now they get 20 percent of $499.00 I gave them. Now I told them unless they could help me with my car I didn't need them.

They insisted and I finally agreeded hesitantly.

And to top this off you can never get thru. Each time you call you either get a recording or someone takes your number for someone to call you back.

Monetary Loss: $499.

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