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Premier savings is a bunch of *** artists that continue to change their story from employee to employee. They just keep the ball rolling with no results to keep your money that they charge to a credit card that they are trying to get reduced.

They tell you that they have all these banks that are gauranteed to get your rate to 4-9%.

What really happens is your credit rating just keeps going down the more the banks hit your credit and give you a big fat no! Then they say you have to have credit counseling and keep going through there *** so they don't have to give you your money back. I highly recomend that you stay far far away from this company and tell everyone you know the same thing.

I don't even have high debt or bad credit and they can't help me.

They sure did take my credit score down by letting the banks hit knowing they are not going to help you. Run form these crooks, RUN!

Monetary Loss: $439.

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