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I was contacted this morning about a 9% credit option to consolidate my debts. The "Service" carried a one-time $435.00 fee.

I was willing to pay the fee and roll my debts over to premier savings until he asked me for a credit card # to apply the fee to. Why wouldn't the fee just appear on my new premier savings statement? I refused to give the credit card # and he just said "thank you" and hung up. The scary thing is that I was prepared at the time to start giving him the acct.

numbers of the cards I wanted to consolidate and only became suspicious when he asked me for an acct. to pay the fee with. Don't fall for the premier savings scam.

Only trust companies that you have looked up and contacted yourself.

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Hey it seems like hunter and agreed are in business with the scam company. It must be there job to browse the sites and stick up for their milk money.

Yeah, when I got a call from premier savings I just got called a smart ***, but i guess she was right, I didn't even have to pay.

ha ha. right like I need a consultant.


I agree with this reply, mainly because I actually work for premier savings. At first, listening to some representatives that closed the deals, I felt that I was working for a fradulent company.

After working here for some time, I am relieved to find that is not the case.

Asking for the account is necessary to ascertain that the required fee is available to deduct from the acct. There are numerous federal regulations in place that prevent cards from being used for fraudulent purposes, and if premier solutions was a fraudulent company, they would have been busted open years ago.


I got a similar call from premier savings. the only comment I have for you is this A) you need to clean your ears b) even in what you wrote I got the what the main issue is .

THERE IS NO PREMIER SAVINGS CARD they are a consulting group that works with the bank that will issue the card. that is why if does just go on the new card. I transfered $35,000.00 on to 2 cards issues by chase bank with the help of premier savings.

saving me $623.00 every month. here is some advice for all of you people about telemarkers the ones that don't ask for information are the ones you have to worry about

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